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Heartbeat      Quickly shows the status of your networked printers

Heartbeat logo  Are you in charge of multiple networked printers? Want to quickly know the status of all your printers? Are you “flat-lining” with your workload? You need a Heartbeat.


Version: 1.2.0      Size: 8.8M    Download      Buy Now - $14.95



  • Quickly informs you of the status of your networked printers (ink, paper and maintenance kit).

  • Simplicity. Only need you to input the printer's IP address.

  • Convenience. with one software, show all the printer status in your local area network.

  • Sorts your printers by their needs. (You can sort by “Ink Cartridge,” and the printer that is in most need of ink or toner, moves to the top of the list. Then you can see whether the greatest need is black, color or the individual cyan, magenta or yellow ink or toner. )

  • Sounds an alarm when supplies are low.

  • Notify when printing is complete.

  • Reports the most important information.

  • Support all networked printers with SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol).


Heartbeat main window



Hardware requirements:
    Pentium3(or higher) , 128MB RAM, 10M free hard disk space
OS requirements:
    Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10